January 1st – Holy Hands

Nothing is greater than a life fulfilled, not with the mundane, but with greatness only accomplishable by one with a great heart. You have been placed, not by your own choices, although they are part of My placement, but by My will. You are called to complete, to complete what was started by others and by My hand. Great and many are the tasks of those who follow after Me, not only to create, but to clean, to feed, to care, to communicate, to give to others in a way to build them, their families and the community that is beyond both them and you. Your hands are holy; your work is holy. Each day [you are] called to complete, to make new, to build upon for others what they cannot complete, renew, or build upon for themselves. As you serve others, you serve Me as I reach with your hands to the task for them. I am Creator, but also Sustainer. All that has been created, but the beginning (creation itself), has been in concert with the created. You are Mine, and therefore, you serve as I serve. Lift your head; give as I give, and for your time on earth, in eternity – your reward.

1 Cor. 12:27 (ESV) – Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.

Bottom Line:   We are all unique – we have different personalities, skill sets, interests, abilities and talents that can be used in the service of others. Keep your eyes open to see who God will put in your path today, that you might be a blessing to them. Who will you serve today and show the love of Christ?

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