January 29th – Small but Not Forgotten

The errand may appear small, insignificant and without honor, but it is the small that serves the greater. Little of earth, little of all My creation, consists of greatness alone. The grandeur of the cosmos consists first of the smallest of My creation. It is in the obedience of each cell, in the task of each atom, that the whole and magnificence of creation endures. It follows in all of life and in eternity. The small lift the great, invisibly and without accolade, the many tasks of the faithful lift the majesty of My greatest work, through them. Without such servanthood, there would be no great kings. Without the quiet diligence and practice of each instrument, no great concert, no moving sound, and no echo of that sound in the human heart. No small service is forgotten. I see all you do and will do. My memory falters not and great is the reward of the faithful. I tell you clearly, the small hold the great, and great will they be esteemed in Heaven. Amen.

Matt 19:30 (ESV) – But many who are first will be last, and the last first.

Bottom Line: Even if seemingly trivial, or unappreciated by those we serve, our small contributions are held in very high esteem in the eyes of God.

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