February 11th – Glad Tidings

He that sees only the negative, will miss great pouring out. Even among the sinful, great blessing flows, but he that carries My name and cross, even greater still. The road may be a steeper crawl, terrain rough with danger of slipping backward, but great is the life of that road, and destination. The cheerful heart carries a greater load, for the light shines within, and lifts all around them. The path rough, but when thankfulness abounds, and focus on the terrain is stolen back from your enemy, then again you see My hand and blessing. Good tidings flow again, and the heart of he who believes leaps forward, gaining in against the gravity pulling constantly against My call to advance. Your toil in the workplace, with glad heart is a joy, but the countenance of the ungrateful creates more weight, and the pull of complaint and discontent wearies your soul. Speak of your blessings, and the goodness of others, and they and you will make the rough way smooth.

Prv 15:30 – The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones.

Bottom Line: Work is rough at times, but a smile and positive, uplifting words can make all the difference for you and your co-workers. See the good and talk about it!


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