February 12th – Clear the Way

My temple is now your heart. My dwelling now indwells your own. I am pleased when all is kept, but I see also those things that do not belong. For these weaken your spirit, and in such, weaken who you become in your work for Me. When the temple is clear, then My light shines bright from you, your leadership is stronger, your ease with people richer with honest care for those you serve. Your work is more hearty and enjoyable, for joy flows more easily and penetrates more deeply. You are My child, and your load would be lighter in your home and in your workplace with sin driven from where it does not belong. You pray to Me for effectiveness, for relationships meaningful, for direction and meaning in work. Clear first the temple, as My Spirit hates the transgression that holds back the blessing of My children. Your home and work will be blessed with the tables of selfish sin removed. Clear with Me what you struggle to clear on your own. I am with you.

John 2:16 (ESV) – And he told those who sold the pigeons, “Take these things away; do not make my Father’s house a house of trade.”

Bottom Line:  Our work lives and personal lives are hindered when sin is present in our ‘temple”. Work to clear those things out that don’t belong, and your work and home will be blessed for the clearing!

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