February 13th – Higher Pay

Much of the workday calls your attention to those you serve. Manager and customer alike demand the attention of your day. In the workplace you are paid for that attention, but there is far greater. As the crippled man begged for only money, when far greater for him was the Father’s heart. Look for the greater reward in your workplace. Give greater attention, not for gain, but to see My hand giving you more than that which you earn. Open your eyes to the greater blessings that surround. Those that surround you are greater gifts, but you have not received fully that gift. Receive them as the greater, for relationships of the heart pay far greater than the wage. Reach your hand for these, and they will be filled with the lasting gifts of eternity.

Acts 3:5 (ESV) –  And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them.

Bottom Line: We work for the paycheck and bonuses, but the relationships that can develop at work may be something money can never buy. Be intentional about connecting in a personal way with those God places around you at your workplace. They may end up being the far greater bonus.

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