February 14th – Swamped

You will have strength. In all of life there is deep challenge. From all sides pressure can ensue. It is there you must have faith, that what you have been given is enough. My Spirit upholds My own people. Through trial you will pass many times. With each, you become wiser and more capable for the next. Faith builds, that assurity in My presence will be sufficient. Draw closer in the trial. Reach for the hand that gives strength to the weak, wisdom to he that is lost, and peace in the storm. As a storm passes, as flood waters recede, so too this current pressure. Proceed with your strength, and call on Me. I shall build up what you lack, control what you cannot. All is in My hands. In faith and confidence, lift your head to Me, and your strength will rise for the task at hand. Yoke with Me and pull. I Am here.

Ps 69:1 (ESV) – Save me, O God! For the waters have come up to my neck.

Bottom Line: We are not meant to run our race alone. The pressures of life and work are often overwhelming, but as a Christ follower, we have a great helper and savior. Call on His name in your struggles. Draw close to Him, and He will see you through.

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