March 14th – Out of Order

The detail of creation is in great order. My Name is recognized, by those with My Spirit, in this great detail and order. Reflection of its Creator is the creation. In the same way, the order within your life reflects Myself. Work demands such order; without order there is loss. With enough loss there is loss of function, and the system ordained for efficiency dies for lack of order and detail. My creation is example to you. Create systems of order in your workplace. Disorder is of chaos and destruction. In My Word and ways there emerges order. The fruit you bear will be of order; of disorder – fruit lost. Children must have order to develop; families suffer for lack of it, so too the workplace. My children know My ways, and peace and fruit come with order. You develop as My child, in all of life, when you follow My way of order.

1Cor 14:40 (ESV) – But all things should be done decently and in order.

Bottom Line: Our god is a god of order. We are called to be His reflection. Many of us struggle with this character trait. Other things seem more important than getting organized, and we learn to live and operate in a near-chaotic environment. We even operate at work with systems that are inefficient and unproductive for lack of order. Take time to create order, it is a godly activity that reflects Him, and will bring peace and fruit to your workplace and life.

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