March 25th – Pleased

I am pleased. Your striving after holiness is pleasing to Me. The greatest gift received of a Father, is that of the flourishing of His children. Receiving first the gift of the Father, then using what was given for good to bless others, you bless Me. You have learned to use your gifts well, and pleasing is the fruit of those gifts to those about you. Continue to use what I have given you. Develop each skill into a tool for greater yield of fruit in your life. You have been placed (where you are today), that you would bear much fruit, and show yourself to be My disciple. Bring glory by multiplying the gifts you have been given. You possess them for only a short time; use them well. My eye never leaves you, even in the quiet and secret place do I see your labor in doing good. Great is my pleasure as you exercise fully My reflection in you. Shine forth, and give glory to He that sends you well-equipped. My pleasure radiates to you, for My pleasure makes your labor sweet, and the sweat of your brow a great reward.

Mark 1:11 (ESV) – And a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son;with you I am well pleased.”

Bottom Line: One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what you are “wired” to do. The workplace is the most common place where we can truly use our talents and skills to the fullest. The good news – this pleases our Father as well, especially when we bless others with a job ‘well done’. Yes, we get a paycheck, but the reward of pleasing God is much better!

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