April 1st – Joseph’s Light

There is no greatness in sloth. Only those who diligently seek and find will feel pleasure in their labor from their Lord. Mountains of gold will not bring the contentedness of heart bought with honest labor in a place blessed by your God. It will be blessed, set aside and holy, because you bring My light and the attitude of He who has been saved from a great calamity. Your rescue allows flow of your gratitude, and the light shown from such a life brings light to even the darkest places. To not rejoice, is to not put effort into the meditation of your narrow escape down a narrow way, provided by My hand. The sloth thinks only of things present, unmotivated by what lies behind or ahead, but the diligent are thankful for the Gift given, and are excited to follow Me into tomorrow. He who has a thankful heart brings health to his bones, and blessing to his home and labor. Do not be lazy in your meditation of your blessing, and let not the sloth hide My light in you.

Gen 39:5 (ESV) – From the time that he made him overseer in his house and over all that he had, the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake; the blessing of the Lord was on all that he had, in house and field.

Bottom Line: Laziness is not just physical, it sometimes stems from not contemplating our blessings. Our work and our salvation are gifts from God. We should think about what our life would be without those blessings. Bring the light of your thankfulness into work today, and the whole place will be blessed by His light!

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