April 2nd – Dumb Luck

A coin does not fall as man plans. Understood to be out of his control, he attributes [its result] to a force unseen and unnamed. To this force he then gives a name [“luck”], and worship begins. The plans of man then are given also to this named thing, attributing then the good fortune and bad fortune to follow. This then is an idol. Beyond wealth and fame, it [damages faith and] removes My throne and replaces My hand, although My hand continues to move. Do not give way to idolatrous thinking. No occurrence is unknown to Me, and no step in the life of the world is out of My control. Beyond count are My decisions, and the mindless imposter [luck] has no place among the thinking of My children. They are to come to Me, that they would know My ways. Good and bad they do appear, but good only for those that follow My way and long for the light of eternal understanding. Give way not to idols that have no power. Give not a name to that which has no existence. Remain in the faith given, and My Father and your Father, will make all things right and new in His time, and the non-existent of the earth will fall. Amen.

1 Sam 7:4 (ESV) –  So the people of Israel put away the Baals and the Ashtaroth, and they served the Lord only.

Bottom Line: We attribute so much to “luck”, but in reality, everything that happens or doesn’t happen, is firmly in God’s providence and control. If we truly understand and follow an all-powerful God, then we cannot give credit to good luck, or blame bad luck. Our God is in control of it all.

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