April 4th – Under Review

Can a wise man govern himself? It is not as it seems. Wisdom can decay with temptation – lost vision with emotion of want. Each heart reaches for its own pleasure. Comfort for the difficult day comes with satisfaction of the body – behaviors to satisfy. A loss of temper soothes the sting of another. A smug look satisfies disappointment and disarms those expecting more. Wisdom fades under the weight of stress and weariness. You are blind to such things, and in the workplace, many witnesses see and speak. As the master calls, listen to the wisdom that would perfect you. In review, your hidden weakness is exposed, that it might be reproved and have life no more. Habits of ungodliness are not for the Godly. My children desire reproof, a betterment that only comes through inspection. See clearly what they show you. Do not defend the fault, for he that takes not corrective wisdom, will cover with blind years the wisdom already gained. Seek correction with a humble heart, and greater in My image you will grow.

Prv 15:31-32 (ESV) – The ear that listens to life-giving reproof will dwell among the wise. Whoever ignores instruction despises himself, but he who listens to reproof gains intelligence.

Bottom Line: Solomon was said to be the wisest man that ever lived, and it did not end well for him. Following his passions, emotions, and natural inclinations, he ended up far short of what God had desired. Our review at work gives us a glimpse of things others see in us – things that we might not see ourselves, and that may hurt us in the end. Accept correction from others and thank them for the gift. You may be wise, but heeding the advice of others will keep you growing in the right direction.

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