April 5th – Truth or Consequences?

How do you answer when difficult is the answer? My children do not hide behind falseness. Truth, in all matters, is the way of those that follow Me. Truth and grace are My reflection to all, and through you it also must shine. Gentle correction, and when danger abounds – even strong correction. In truth, the promise, even if that promise does not satisfy the hearer. Do not paint what cannot exist. An honest answer, well-kept, is better than the lie of false ability. Do not promise what you cannot deliver, or to remove what cannot be removed. Be of your word, with no blemish. Your word of truth becomes confidence in your superior – a well-kept date brings calmness for the demands of tomorrow. Speak what is true, and the light of truth will guide your way among many thorns. And in the end, your scratches will heal, and your destination [will be] one of My holy [followers].

Prv 12:19 (ESV) – Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

Bottom Line: Sometimes we don’t want to disappoint, so we say that we can make the date, make the budget, or be at that big game, when we know it is very unlikely that we will. God expects us to reflect Him by telling the truth, gently when we can, but always the truth. The good reputation you will gain from keeping your promises, will take you farther than the pacifying promises that likely cannot be kept. Tell the truth!

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