April 12th – One Life In Jesus

I am with you always. There is no divide between worship and work. no day more holy than another. Do not separate what I call to be one. Your faith is to be spoken in life, My voice heard beyond the pews. I am with you and will speak life into the days of toil and rest. My voice echoes in the Spirit placed within you, very near to things in which you believe are very far from My care. It is not so – I am as close to your life as your life is to you. There is no separation of your life from the life I have re-birthed in you. All you do is of your new heart. Do not hide your faith at work. Call to me and I will answer in the everyday. Learn My voice in My Holy Word, and in the whispering of My Spirit who speaks always the will of the Father. Do not forsake the great privilege – to speak and listen. I hear your voice, and I Am near to all who call on My Name. I will help you with your work that you would walk your way dedicated to My will, flowing living water into the dry places of your labor.

Prv 16:13 (ESV) – Righteous lips are the delight of a king, and he loves him who speaks what is right.

Bottom Line: As a believer in Jesus, all of our life not only comes under His Lordship, but it comes with the wonderful realization that He is with us even in our workplace. He is there amidst the stress, budgets, and the politics. We are reminded today that He never leaves us, and is only a prayer away in the office, for whatever help we need.

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