April 26th – Are You Phinehas?

My followers are strong when they are moved in faith, [but] weak when that faith takes wane. I call you to great faith, more than what is needed for salvation, but that which is needed to lead. You have place of influence. Those about you wander in the darkness without understanding of the light. In strong faith you will bring it to them, in weakness of faith – timidity. Call upon Me for faith to stand, to intervene in the darkness on behalf of those lost. They will listen to he that is strong but gentle, bringing hope not in caliber, but in comfort to their needs, interrupting suffering with courage to give truth, that their suffering would be cut short, and the children of their children will eat of that same blessing. Pray for faith that you might be strong to extend hope. I will show you. Look, that you stand up, and lead them to the hope in Me.

Psalm 106:30-31 (ESV) – Then Phinehas stood up and intervened, and the plague was stayed.  And that was counted to him as righteousness from generation to generation forever.

Bottom Line: The workplace is full of people that need the hope of the Gospel message. If our faith is strong, and our spirit gentle, we can be a wonderful influence in their lives for Him. If our faith is weak, we will likely let the opportunities pass. Pray that you might have faith to make that invitation to lunch, to start that relationship and friendship, that could be the beginning of a change in them that could bless generations.

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