May 2nd – The Whole Truth, So Help Me God

The mouth reflects the heart. The promise of he who is sincere can be trusted. As a leaf shows the health of the tree, so the true word of a man shows his honor. Do not be careless with your promise. Speak only as you know to be true, and do not shrink back upon hardship, for the word of promise is to be held to all as a gift, forever theirs until delivered. My children believe My Word and follow. My promises to them are true, and My promises delay not, even to the second. They are true to My purpose for them. Trust is broken in the unfaithful. A promise is to be kept or never given. Do not grow callous in unkept words. Let your “no” be “no”, and your “yes” be firm in its fulfillment. In failure, you will bring distance to yourself, and My light through you will grow dim. Allow always for the watering of the thirsty through your speech. As they trust your words, they absorb your influence through Me. May your speech be pure without blemish of the vulgar, nor fractured by deceit, and through it you will draw and build, and bring Glory to the Father, bearing fruit through a pure tongue and a renewed heart in Me.

Col 3:9 (ESV) –  Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices

Bottom Line: Keeping our word at work, or anywhere else, is critical for a Godly reputation and to have a Godly influence. Jesus said He is the Truth, and the truth will set us free. Careless promises diminish who we are in Christ to others, and throws shadows on our life that is supposed to be a witness for Him.  Work hard to be a man or woman of your word. Promise carefully, and then follow through.

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