May 15th -Follow the Leader

Great is he that follows. The lead is praiseworthy only when following He that calls true leaders. I call you, but to lead, you must follow – your life fully given, as My life for yours. When I walked the earth, the greatest leaders crumbled as I followed the will of My Father. I led with authority when I followed with humility. You have My Spirit, and now My Father is your own. Follow where you are called. Obey what you are commanded. Do not lead yourself, lost in blindness and pride. You know not where the road leads. Easy the way appears, but a facade to a lost city built of lost souls. Follow not your own knowledge, but test everything against My Word. Pray earnestly for My Spirit to be heard, and follow where I send you. Plan not your way without the will of He who has created you for a better way. Learn to follow Me, and in My great glory, you will find that others will gladly follow.

James 4:10 (ESV) – Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you.

Bottom Line: Our culture worships those who are leading. The more they control, the greater our admiration. You may wish for such a role, and work for it all your days, but Jesus wants a different leader – one who follows and obeys, one who serves and puts others first. In doing this, we allow Him to make us not only true leaders, but leaders on a path of His purpose, leading many on the way to theirs. Follow Him, and your true leadership will come.

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