May 17th – Your Disciples

Who are your twelve? Who have I given, that you would teach, protect with wisdom, and bring along your journey, a journey not only for you. I bring them to you, but you must recognize. Go to the Father, as I sought that I might choose the twelve in His will. My Spirit beckons you to teach, and will give means of doing so, but you must yourself be attuned to the call. Tasks bury time allotted for them. Time I give, that you would have sufficiency for both. In the flesh, I walked the way the Father called, but not alone. For it is a single rock that moves another, and another that spurs the avalanche. Travel not alone in difficulty and in plenty. Teach them while you walk in My will. For your work is not alone, and when your days are exhausted, My work continues until the end of days, through those you bring along.

Matt 20:17 (ESV) –  And as Jesus was going up to Jerusalem, he took the twelve disciples aside, and on the way he said to them …

Bottom Line:  Work is full of tasks. Deadlines fill much of our calendar. Our focus is on what “I” must get done today, but there is more expected. Jesus had a mission – to be the sacrifice to unite again, repentant sinners with their heavenly Father. A big job, but not so big that he made no time for others on His way to the cross. And those first twelve continued on His work through the last two millennia. We may not have twelve at a time, but who are those in our lives, at our workplace, that we are to bring along in our short time with them? Pray to the Father, and He will show you.

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