May 20th – Trust and Obey

My ways are not your ways. I give to you precepts of my laws, that you might prosper in the life I have granted you. My love is given in law. My creation abides by My law, and all who obey, live in My blessing. Your ways are less. They are not of God, and seek instead the desires of self. My Spirit calls that you would have My higher calling. I lead you that you would have greater, not less. Who do you say that I am? For you call me Lord, but refuse My way. My instruction is spurned, and as such, your way is difficult and is also bearing little fruit. The way I call may also be treacherous, but I Am there, and the fruit of such a way, far more abundant than your own, and I know the way. For He that abides in Me, abides also in the Way, and I give to him all that is good for the journey, a journey short in days, but rich in eternity. You must do as I say, for it is for you, and the Father’s will that I say it.

Luke 5:5 (ESV) – And Simon answered, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets.”

Bottom Line:  Humans, in general, are stubborn, and even as children of the Father through Jesus Christ, we still think we know best. Peter was a seasoned fisherman, and Jesus was a stranger to Peter’s occupation. When Jesus stepped in Peter’s boat, and Peter went back to work God’s way, his world and life changed forever! What is God asking you to do differently in your workplace? Peter obeyed – will you?

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