May 28th – Join Me

A generation passes as a day. Light of the morning as birth, and twilight brings the end of years. A greater light is now yours, that you would walk with Me in the work of My Father. You have been lifted from darkness into My Light, drawn by the Father. Hear My Spirit, that your day would be fruitful. As I have been sent, so I send you. A life without the work of heaven is like a day lost to slumber, or a day lost to mindless tasks. Know the years of your breath are numbered, and you are called to greater than the heathen, or to those that deny Me. Awake from your slumber My called and redeemed, that you would not waste the day.

John 9:4 (ESV) –  We must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work.

Bottom Line: We have to work to make a living, and do all the things that a good life requires for us and our loved ones, but we have greater work to do as well. Our life is a very short one. Yesterday I was the grandson, now soon, I will be the grandfather. Don’t miss God’s work by being buried in your own. Before you know it, the sun will set for us as well. Ask Him if there is something more; He will let you know.

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