May 31st – Moving Day?

I call some as shepherds, but others to the harvest. I call many to tend, and some to labor in the field. Some lay bricks of tomorrow, still others clean what deteriorates with time. What have I called you to, for a season here, then another there? Your work is not as important as the answering of My call. Seek Me in season and out, for My leading will not be still. No life exists in pools of stagnant water. Exchange and motion give life to what otherwise leads to death. My purpose for you grows as you grow in Me. The ways of the unbeliever, once a strong call to your nature, leave a diminishing track as I call you forward. Heed not the upward call of the world, for it leads not upward in the Kingdom. Follow now My voice, and the greater life will follow. In eternity, but also in time, you will find rest and calling to complete this faithful obedience. My hand has been on you from the beginning. I formed you for the path in which I now lead. Follow My way, that you might find life abundant and purpose full.

Amos 7:15 (ESV) But the Lord took me from following the flock, and the Lord said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people Israel.’

Bottom Line: There are times in life when God says to stay put, and times when He says to move. You may not want to move, and you may be downright scared at times, which is human nature. Many of us are right where we should be in life, career, and family, but others may be hearing God’s calling to move forward, to make a scary or complicated change. Be sure you are not resisting the call to where He wants you to go. Have faith and follow His voice; He knows where you need to be.

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