June 5th – Chatter

The tongue is a weapon, and the ears give it power. Remove the talk of the unclean from your mind. Words against another is as an undeserved burn, slow to heal and scarring to the soul. Loose words damage and are not forgotten. Indulge not in this fare of the ungodly. Those that relish the events of the unfortunate, and jeer at the mistakes of the unlearned, harmful are their comments, pressing down even those they call brother. Ungodly do they become. Repent of the hearing, and repeat not the talk of the busybody. Holy mouths are for edification, and holy ears for receipt of what is honorable. Do not engage with those that tear down those I desire built. Defend the weak as I have defended you.

2 Tim 2:16 (ESV) – But avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness, and their talk will spread like gangrene.

Bottom Line: When we are amongst co-workers, we can easily forget that gossip is a very damaging behavior that hurts the reputation of others, sometimes deeply and permanently. The workplace is prime territory for back-biting and condescending talk about others. It can be interesting and entertaining, but we must fight the temptation; instead, take the opportunity to speak a positive, encouraging word to turn the conversation around!

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