June 17th – Remove What Hinders

I give law not to weigh down, but that you may know the way of blessing. He who knows not wrong, finds grief regardless. He who follows what is laid out before him, that growth and blessing occur, he is the fortunate, not the repressed. I have given you life and abundance, but also law, that you would not be lost in it. Forgiveness now also, that you would not be held down by failure. My sacrifice for you is that you may have life, in blessing of earth and eternally. Do not shun what has been given for good. Do not ignore decrees made, that you would be fruitful in your endeavors. The cross lifts again what has fallen, fallen to sin and self. Raise again your head, turn from those things that displease and harm. May fruitfulness be your crown, that you would follow My ways. Without My law, you would not know My ways for you. Without My love, you would not have the way back. Accept both, that you would walk in the light, turning from the dark way. Follow Me.

Prv 28:13 (ESV) – Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.

Bottom Line: Challenges arise in everyone’s life, regardless of how we try to avoid them, but personal sin, going against God’s best for us, can bring unnecessary difficulty and calamity. Many receive the forgiveness of God, but still struggle with sin and selfish behavior, which makes life more difficult – family struggles are worsened, and even our work-life can be negatively affected. We are reminded today, His ways are best for us; we should make every effort to walk in them.

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