June 21st – Powerlifting

The small are dominated as weak. Those in power lord it over those with little. Without the Spirit of the living God, power seeks only for self. It seeds for a harvest, but reaps corruption. But power in the hands of the believer must protect, a standing shield against unrighteousness, a fortress to the oppressed, strength given that others may live, a  sacrifice of self that others might prosper. Love perfects power and is a reflection of the Father. Your position gives power; do not lord it as the unbeliever, but lift up those pressed down, for as you lift those I love, so too you will be lifted. Hear My Spirit. See those about you with My eyes. Power and love fuel great works of God. Those you can lift are already surrounding. Take what I have given, and bless.

Ester 10:3 (ESV) –  For Mordecai the Jew was second in rank to King Ahasuerus, and he was great among the Jews and popular with the multitude of his brothers, for he sought the welfare of his people and spoke peace to all his people.

Bottom Line: Some use position for selfish gain, and we can be tempted to do the same. As Christ-followers we have a different mission. We are called to bless, protect and lift up those who are around us, maybe someone who works for us, or with us. It may be uncomfortable or make us vulnerable in some way, but it is our calling. Where you are placed is no mistake. Use it to lift others, and He will lift you.

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