July 2nd – Maximum Load

My hand is just. There are many degrees of load, as many as My children, and all must carry their burden. Only to them are they given enough, and to you, only enough. There are those who sin, that in their walk, their own hand hinders them, but the load of life, given perfectly through the Father, will draw and perfect those called to His purpose. They who lose heart, lose only that they would find the pleasure of this life more appealing for a time, but the load of the believer elevates the man, to a place no pleasure can. You are able to walk. The pressure is not to be borne alone. I call each to a place of growth in struggle, that they would grow in strength and faith, and train the next generation for the same. Do not despise your testing, but find My Spirit as I speak to you, that you would stand up under it and win the crown. Do not envy another; their load would either spoil or crush you. I give you ideal weight, that your strength increases in My presence. Hold firm to your faith, and My hand will lift your own.

Numbers 11:11 (ESV) – Moses asked the Lord, “Why have you brought this trouble on your servant? What have I done to displease you that you put the burden of all these people on me?   

Bottom Line: As believers, we know that we are to grow stronger as the years pass. This usually does not happen under a light load, yet when the challenges come (many being financial and/or relational) we hate them. Our Lord is reminding us that they are not too much. He is metering them, and we will emerge stronger if we call on Him. Have faith in His goodness, in all times.

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