July 3rd – If You Say So . . .

I am pleased with faith. As a father is pleased with a son who trusts him, or a daughter who desires his strength, so am I pleased with the child who walks according to faith.  Trust is the essence of faith, but where there is no doubt, there exists no faith, for even he who is sure of My hand, fears. It is the fear that makes the faith strong – the desire and confidence for My hand which remains invisible until the past reveals My motion. He who risks on My call, the one who steps out without knowledge, but with the assurance of He who saves, it is he who finds the way of the blessed – those who have testimony of My great work in their years. The timid hear me not and do not trust, that their way would remain in safety, but they too die and their story is alone theirs. Hear My call, verify My Spirit, eat the Word as nourishment for decision, then follow in faith. I lead and already understand the way.

Rom 8:28 (ESV) – And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Bottom Line: The workplace can be safe and it can be risky. Our work is a major part of our lives, and in many cases God uses it to guide our life. Everytime we change companies, job positions or even new careers, everything forward changes. The workplace is an excellent place to step out in faith. Accepting that challenging role, signing up for that new position, or beginning anew with a corporation in another state….these all require faith.  Seek Him for His guidance. If He says “Go”, then go, even if it seems too big for you alone. Have faith. It pleases Him when you trust Him.

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