July 8th – Steady Growth

Reality is the eternal. The place of time is but a passing test and draw to My Spirit. As you age in My Name, do you draw closer or do you drift? Is your eye on the gold of your youth, or the wisdom that affords holiness? Begin as all, but end as one who focuses on the goal far off, for the near treasure is but a mirage, satisfying only the pride of life, but giving little. Your days of toil are to give you provision that you might grow, not only in provision, but in holiness. Do not be buried in the earning, but in the growing as My child in My image. Your temptation is common to man, but you have a higher call. Seek first My wisdom. Pant not after the water of nations, but the living water of heaven.

Luke 18:14-15 (ESV) – And as for what fell among the thorns, they are those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by the cares and riches and pleasures of life, and their fruit does not mature. As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.

Bottom Line: The real world is the eternal world of God, and that world seems far off from the reality of our work days. Bringing together the eternal call of God with what we do every day is a challenge for many Christians. Pray daily for His guidance to do this. Spend time in the Word and time with Him in prayer. Step by step, year by year, you will grow in His wisdom and holiness. You will still work for a living, but you will truly be living because you will be growing spiritually.

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