July 9th – Come

Who do you say that I am? I call you as Father, I give you understanding and guidance as Spirit, and freedom from sin that you would receive that Spirit. This is great truth beyond the comprehension of those without My voice. Do you hear My voice within? The demand of life is great, a weight unbearable even for the rich of this world. It has been given by man that the wealth of man makes all woes diminish, and that those with more treasure have great lives of peace and comfort. Look to your tabloids – is it so? Man without the Spirit finds no lasting happiness. His own voice haunts deeply his soul, knowing the emptiness, but having no wisdom to fill. These go the way of most men – empty with pockets full. Not so My children called by name. You are not the unwise, for My Spirit speaks loudly in the still silence of prayer. I call that you might have life, abundant not as the world offers, but far greater, blessings untold with price no gold can buy. I am your Creator. I know the greater plan for you. Come follow Me that you might find My wealth, never lost, without diminishing. The time is short for all men. Come.

Matt 16:26 (ESV) – For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?

Bottom Line: We can receive His forgiveness, but choose a life that profits us little. We may end up with much worldly wealth, but in the end we lose. Our calling is to follow Him to bear fruit for the Kingdom, not just to spend our days earning dollars. Don’t be counted among those who are forgiven, but have little to show for it because they were too busy trying to get ahead to become “better off” financially. If you call Him Father, know that He is calling you to a much greater treasure.

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