July 12th – Rest for the Best

Work is a gift of the Father. To tend to responsibility is nourishment to the caregiver. Tasks required and completed give satisfaction. Challenge to strain, allows gift and talent to release. I gave the garden before the fall. To care and complete was the joy; effort yes, but great delight is in the hearty work of one’s hands. Also was given rest, as the day of slumber fuels, that the next [day] can be worked with all diligence and strength. The good of work becomes the curse when no rest is given or taken. As the rest of the night is required for the day, so the rest of the day is required for the six. In the absence of either, there is loss to the next. Do not toil out of season; it does not avail. My will is for you to rest, that what is good may bless and not harm. The Law was given that man would prosper, not to restrict what is good, for all good is spoiled in hoarding, and the hordes of work for wage is the sickness of many. Rest, that my Law will again bless. 

Mark 2:27 (ESV) – And Jesus said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

Bottom Line: Many of us love our work; we could go seven days a week without complaining. Some people work seven days a week because they feel they must. God’s original design for man was to set aside one day a week to rest and recover. An old study found that a man with a shovel will shovel more coal at the end of the day, if he were given regular breaks within that day. Too few breaks reduced productivity, and too many breaks did the same. God says the best balance for our maximum production is to set aside one of seven. If you want to be your best, take His advice-rest!

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