August 16th – Live to Give

Remain in Me. The branch is of the vine. I nourish that you might produce. Many are the lures of the enemy. My children wander as sheep. In plenty and in want, the lure of betterment is the call of the wolf. Seek not to receive, but to give, to produce, than to horde. He who desires for self, separates. The greatest treasure of earth given is in depletion; the fullness of life given at birth, depleted fully in age. This is the treasure given, that greater might be given in return. Each has been given allotment, without known count of their days. Trade this and My daily blessing, that you would give more than received. The branch cannot produce with only the substance of the branch; it receives from the vine the greatest when itself prepares to give. The branch that does not seek to give, will not receive, and death will be its end. I give early that you may grow, but only grow that you may give, and give the more. The desire of the Spirit, and of the Father and Son, is to give, and the children of God seek again to give as they have received. For the vineyard puts forth only, and receives only what it needs to continue in giving. Abundantly will I give to the generous, and great will be his fruit at the depletion of his years, and greater still, his reward.

Luke 6:38 (ESV) – “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Bottom Line:  Our culture teaches us that having much, brings happiness and fulfillment.  Maybe it does for a while, but God’s idea is very different. He gives, that we might give. Many choose a career thinking about what they may gain. If we reflect on God’s heart, He would have us consider how we could bless others through our profession. This is a very different mindset than that of most of the world. It should be made clear though, it does not mean giving away all He gives you, but using what He gives you in a way to be His blessing through you. Christian-lead businesses are perfect examples of this mindset of multiplication for others. If our desire is to be generous, He will be generous to us.

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