August 27th – Desire to Bless

Intention of the heart is a measure of faith. He who walks with great intention of obedience to that which I command, it is He who loves me. The hypocrite says with deceitful lips, “I believe, and you are my Master!”, but then gives his day to another, or hordes its blessings for gain. The children of light desire to bless. Deep intention drives them to obey the call of My Spirit. They find love in My Word, and rejoice in its truth. Their purpose is not to gain for their name, but for the Name of their Lord. They believe the promises of God, therefore they do not fear loss, and multiply the blessings of their Master. It is their heart’s desire to do so. When I walked the earth, I called the ordinary to higher. With great intention, driven by great faith, they walked as children of God, bearing My Name to all the earth. Learn from these, that your heart would desire more than the ordinary. To you too, I call higher.

Psalm 37:5 (ESV) – Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

Bottom Line: We are brought to salvation so that our hearts would be transformed. This transformation puts a new desire in our heart, a God-sized desire that in time changes us, and changes what we work for in life. Our job gives us the paycheck we need, but it should no longer be the focus of why we work. Getting a raise is not why the Christian puts in the extra effort, but it is to bless those he serves. When we follow the priorities of God, He takes care of our provision.

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