August 28th – Hard of Hearing?

The response of My sheep is to follow. My voice calls to lead, but many do not hear. Called louder by desires, occupation and leisure, My direction is missed. Blessings beyond, unknown to some who claim following, but they know only the following of self or others. For these, even in the night, rest is not as it should be. Thoughts of the day soon encompass, and do not release until weariness again becomes master. My sheep hear My voice, and do not follow another. Many are the distractions, but My voice is heard above. This is the life to which you are called – a life of greater fruit, borne only of the vine, and of the leading of the Great Shepherd. With the new day, first come to the quiet place with My Word in hand and heart, seek first My leading. Call out to Me, and I will hear your call. Then you shall lift your head, that you may follow My steps before you. I lead each day, anew each morning. What is behind is not where I lead. My way is neither your way, nor the way of the world. It is of the Father, who brings you from death to life. I lead that you may know your way. Come, follow Me.

Luke 15:5 (ESV) – Jesus often withdrew to quiet places to pray.

Bottom Line: Life demands our attention, and if we were not followers of Jesus, it would be okay to give every minute to meeting life’s demands. But we are His followers, and although we still need to meet the demands of the day, we are reminded that He expects us to consult with Him before we begin our day. He wants our day, step by step, to be led by Him. This is what sets us apart as Christians, and in the end, makes the totality of our life different – day by day. Follow Him into your workday today, and see the difference it brings.

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