October 14th – Who’s On First?

He who walks with Me, puts no other before Me. I call you, that you would put first your walk with Me beyond all others. It is a great thing I ask, for My true disciple is to give all. Above all others is to be My Name, and the Kingdom of the Father above all kingdoms of the earth. The toil of your labor is for the means, not for an end. Means that you would increase first the Kingdom of God, and not your own. My promise is provision, not the empty wealth of man, that your needs are met along your path. Many are your blessings, and great favor is yours, therefore, give yourself richly, not to the worldly desires, but first to the Kingdom for which you have been called. Do not be blinded by the shimmer of what will not last, that consumes your numbered days. Seek first the Kingdom, for this you have been given life, and life again eternal. Walk with Me, that I will show you the way. Love those of My house, give first to your calling, and in that provision, your own will flow. He who builds an earthly kingdom, in neglect of the Father’s Kingdom, suffers great loss in his gain, but the wise man hears first the Spirit, obeys, and his gain – eternal.

Matthew 6:33 (ESV) – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Bottom Line: Our days are numbered, and our success in life is measured by God at the end of our days. Yes, we have to work for a living to put food on the table, pay bills, and get the kids through school, but as strange as it is to the world, this is not our first priority. If we are Christ-Followers, our focus should be Kingdom-driven and we should strive to build the Kingdom with our blessings and our days. Pray this week, as you walk along with Him, that you would remember why you are here, and why you should not get caught up in the me-first culture of the world.

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