November 1st – Nice to Meet You!

There is grace that all may come. They will know My hand upon them, as you have felt My hand. Do not lose hope for those who show no hope. It was only a short time ago you were not Mine. The Father draws who He wills, with all knowledge. In the drawing there is no question. Beyond the recognition of man, is the man to be saved. Do not turn your face to one marked in struggle and rebellion, for many of these know My Name, and many more are to come. Speak to these without contempt for their choices; it is not for you to judge the motivations of others, and good fruit is only grown on the Father’s trees. Do not repulse those who advertise their state of loss, for there are many who will hear and obey. Distrust is fear; allow faith to overcome. Your light I may use. Your seed may be the harvest of his latter years. Her painful scowl may be that of a sister to be. Light and salt, that you might give to them who need.

Exodus 2:20 (NIV) – “And where is he?” Reuel asked his daughters. “Why did you leave him? Invite him to have something to eat.”

Bottom Line:  We work with all types of people. Many are easy to relate to, and others can be difficult. Those who are greatly different than us, or who are obviously struggling outwardly with their identity, are sometimes the ones we tend to avoid. Jesus did not ignore them. He ate with tax collectors, talked with foreigners, touched lepers, and healed the demon-possessed. These were people in the culture that were scorned and considered worthless. Who do you work with that needs the Jesus in you?  Fear must bow to faith. Speak with them. Be a friend. It may be your kindness that makes the difference. The call of the Father to them . . . may be through you.

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