December 4th – He Took My Seat!

The highest place is not for kings; the Father’s realm is not of man. The lifting is of the lowly, and high hill is for the humble. He who presses upward for his own gain, gains only loss. Those pressed down to lift are the greatest of men. The scale of God measures the heart, for the love given of the Father is received back in the same measure in which it was given. The stature of the soul is not of the man. The powerful of God are not seen in the ring. The wise know My ways, and walk the meek path. Strength in temptation is the outward glow of the Godly, love for the lowly, and those of the Way, a generous hand of a grateful heart, forgiveness of wrongs and peace in faith. These are the following few. They are Mine to lift up to present as bride – they who persevere and obey in love Whom they have received in faith. These are the enthroned of heaven, the bride-worthy by great devotion, not of great accomplishment, pleasing to God through the love of God, and in this love reaching low to the lowest, to raise and be raised as never a king could be.

Matthew 23:11-12 (ESV) – The greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

Bottom Line: The world’s system rewards the powerful and the wealthy. In the corporate world, it is talent and accomplishment that get noticed. The leader is honored and the highest positions are reserved for the best, but not so in God’s economy. This can be very hard to remember, even for Christ-followers. The bible tells us that the humble will inherit the earth, and the proud and powerful will be brought very low – even opposed. The meek will be esteemed along with peacemakers and the faithful, selfless men and women from ages past. These will have the greatest reward in eternity. We will all be surprised to see that even the greats of the bible may have far less fruit in the eyes of God than the quiet servants of the local food bank, or the nameless widow who faithfully prays for her family and church. What are we shooting for? Is it the king’s chair or our King’s heart? For the Christian, it is a good question to ask.

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