January 25th – Care to Work Hard?

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Without love, even the plow does not fulfill. Toil without love for another can be empty. Even those that enjoy “busy”, find in the end, that busyness of life was a waste without love. Greater is the push on the plow, greater is the strength of those that dig, more powerful is the mind that creates because it cares for those it creates for. The greatest leader is servant to all, not for pious reasons, for contempt will grow for the false servant, but he who serves that others may prosper, and receives joy in the prospering, he too prospers. A father does not find joy in his son when he triumphs, if he cares not for his son. Jealousy is of the selfish. A mother is nourished in her own heart as her child eats and is satisfied, when the mother’s heart is for her child. With the work of your lif e, seek to care. Find reason to love in the toil, and your toil will cease to tire. Great again will be the morning as it calls to you a deeper commitment to others. No call is greater, no pay competes, with the drive of the heart filled with love for those it serves. Find My heart for them in your own, and your day will increase in joy and peace, as the sweat of your brow becomes sweet. Amen.

Prv 11:25 (ESV) – Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

Bottom Line:  When we try to love those we work for, our work becomes meaningful again. Joy will be the biggest part of our paycheck, when you let His Word work in you.


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