February 14th – Promises, Promises

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He who leads must be trusted, his words to be true. For others to follow, a word said must be a word kept. Guard the promises of your mouth, for they are to reflect the God whose Spirit lives within you. Empty words lead to loss, covering only the short-term, but sacrificing the long-term influence you are called to have with those who follow in the workplace and those at home.  Words cannot be given a cheap price. Think carefully before you promise; do not swear. Keep what you say as accurately as any other information that you convey, for an unkept promise is untruth just as a lie. A man of honor speaks always in truth. Keep always the promise, that you would reflect Truth.

Luke 2:29 (NIV) – “Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace.”

Bottom Line: In the stress of the workplace and in the stress of family life, sometimes we are tempted to make promises we know we can’t keep. If we are going to truly reflect the nature of our God, we have to break the habit of telling others what they want to hear, and then not being able to follow through. It may seem like the right thing to do in the short-term, but in the long-term, others’ trust in us will diminish and so will the reputation of our Christian character.  We need to reflect God, who always keeps His word, as His Word work through us.

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