February 15th – Practice Walking

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Hold firm to what I call you to be. Many days you will not feel close or worthy of your calling; difficulty will discourage. In your place of work find it a place of practice, practice of the virtues you are called to be known by. In the face of workplace trials, here let your light shine, then, stepping out of your place of labor, into your life with those you are called to love, your strength and steadfastness will then be stronger for those you are to care for. The work of your life should not weaken your reflection of Me, but give it a place to build. Strengthened there (in the workplace), that you would be strong in your home. For many, even those who bear My name, the workplace weakens, as they apply not My Word. Walk in My Word as you work, and the strength of My hand will extend (home) to those you love through the doing.

Phil 4:9 (ESV) – What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

Bottom Line: Our jobs are the perfect practice grounds to live out what the Word teaches us. Remember, our “real life” is at home with those we love. If we practice our godly behavior on the job, not only will our work be blessed, but our godly ways of handling conflict and people will extend to those we love in our families. Practice your godly walk while at work, and let his Word work through you.

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