February 22nd – Double Vision

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Come with Me as I am present in your workplace. You do not walk alone, and the many challenges are known to Me. Failure does not come to My own without My hand, nor does the victory. Know and remember My presence and full authority over all things. You segregate much, but it is not so. All becomes holy work to those that are called by a Holy God. No circumstance, no interaction of the ungodly, is without My full presence and knowledge. Know My presence with you. The work of the world is a platform of My work in you. Do not separate what is integral. Your mission is in your place of work, called not to a distant land, but to those who are distant from Me. They work about you, speak to you; they see My eyes through you. My good work through you is your action and words to them. I have started a wonderful work in your placement among them. See it for what it truly is. Raise your head to see that it is holy work with Me, until the day you see Me.

Phil 1:6 (ESV) – And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Bottom Line: – We separate our “work life” from our “church life”, but in God’s eyes, they are one and the same. The more we view our work, and our placement among our co-workers and customers, as God-ordained, the more we will see the big picture of how God views and works through our life. When we see this, and we live it, then His Word works through us.

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