March 3rd – That Was My Idea!

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Often you struggle with direction, a solution to the issue of the day. You labor in vain that you would find the answer, but you do not receive because you do not ask. I Am with you. I walk beside you in the questions. My Spirit speaks answers you do not hear. In the still, to a small voice you must learn to listen. You have heard Me before, in ideas not your own, taken for your own, but taken in error, for the origin was Mine. Often I give you wisdom, and peace then ensues – turning away from the Voice that whispered, the genius taken for your own. Slow, that you would know when My Spirit speaks. My counsel is always with you. Seek Me, ask of Me, and bow silently, for I Am with you and lead the way. Know My voice, and give thanks when you receive.

Daniel 2:19 (ESV) – Then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision of the night. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.

Bottom Line: Our relationship with an all-knowing God gives us access to His great counseling Spirit. There is no problem too hard in our life or work that He can’t help us with. Ask for His ideas, and when He gives you one, give Him the credit and thanksgiving, and His Word will work through you!

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