March 9th – What a Character

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My character, seen in the man, is pleasing to My eyes. Walking amidst flames, temptations of the moth, he stands firm in My image. Lean not in the way of the wicked – those who seek gain through sin. Even the smallest transgression is saddening to Me. I have given more than you need. You suffer not in great want. My promises are yours – gifts of a Father to His children. Then why is it difficult to feel thanksgiving? Why does the desire for more continually drive? Give to He who employs the full hour, as he gives the full wage. Do not short the gift given through your work. You are well-supplied, and trust has been granted to you. Reflect My image, My character that I have shared with you. I see what is done in secret, and I reward greatly the good. For even sinners cease to steal when another is looking, but the good of obedience done in secret, pleases He who sees all secrets. Honor Me as you honor the trust given you. Blessed is he who obeys the way of the Creator, making the rough way before him smooth.

Prv 11:8 (ESV) – The righteous is delivered from trouble, and the wicked walks into it instead.

Bottom Line:  It’s easy to quit a little early sometimes, or maybe surf Google (or social media) a bit too much on company time. Giving your all during the time you are being paid, pays well in God’s eyes. He is well-pleased with honesty and integrity behind closed doors. Don’t give-in to the temptation, but instead, make Him smile as you live out your faith, even when you could get away with less, and His Word will work through you.

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