March 10th – Your Journey

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The future is My own. Great are the plans that I lay out for My children. One step after another, you are given choices with each step, but I know your steps. I am there to meet you on the road, a road designed that you may know Me and serve Me. I see ahead and behind; I am not confused nor dismayed. From the beginning to the end I am pleased. Sin cries out to disturb your path, and it is met with My displeasure, but the overall plan creates blessing beyond what can be known. You are in a place fully known to Me, even before the beginning – a stepping stone as you cross to Eternity. Your workplace is not permanent, a training ground for where I will take you next. Serve there as you would serve Me. In due time you will make the choice that is already known and I will be there to meet you. I am ahead of you, behind you, and beside you. Fear not the next steps. Do well where you are, and it will serve a greater purpose as you continue to move along the path. Fear not the wind and the waves that may come. It is I that call you through them.

Matt 14:22 (ESV) – Immediately he made the disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowds.

Bottom Line: It seems that wherever we are, that we will be there forever. We all know it not to be true, but especially in tough moments, it can seem permanent. Keeping in mind the bigger picture of God the Father moving you along a path (which He is totally familiar with already) should give great solace. Do the best job you can, making the best choices wherever you are. He will call you forward when the time is right. Trust, and let His Word work through you.

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