March 11th – Humble Leaders

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To walk in the way of My light is goodness to all, but to walk in self-pride does not bring glory to He who sent you. Humility is the proper attire of a child of God. Arrogance and forceful influence is not of My Spirit. You must walk humbly with your God. Even if you were to have My full wisdom, there is no room for conceit in the child of the Most High. Those whom you work with, and those of the family, surround, see and hear your way; you are to reflect My way. The greatest influence is through My Spirit in the way of gentleness and humility. Do not think yourself higher, lest your influence be diminished. Lead as a servant to all, and great will be your following.

Luke 22:26 (ESV) – But not so with you. Rather, let the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as one who serves.

Bottom Line: Wherever we have been placed to lead, we must be sure to lead with the greatest humility. Arrogance and forcefulness may bring short-term obedience, but in the end, our lasting influence will suffer. Reflect the way of Jesus, and your impact will also be far-reaching, and His Word will work through you.

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