March 12th – Trust Me

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There are those with whom you can trust, but there are those in whom you give trust, but they are not worthy of it. Discern carefully in My Spirit with whom you break bread. Not all who claim to know My Name, obey My voice. You are entrusted with information, and rumor displeases Me. Walk closely in My counsel, carefully choosing with whom you speak. Great destruction comes with loose talk, diligent work is replaced with chatter, and the one trusted through first appearance can be he who turns against. Seek first My counsel. Lead carefully those who work with you. Capture your words and thoughts (in obedience) to My Name first, and speak as I guide. The loose tongue is a wellspring of trouble.

Ps 41:9 (ESV) –Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread has lifted his heel against me.

Bottom Line: Especially in leadership positions in the workplace, we need to be very careful with whom we share information. God has entrusted us with much that should be carefully guarded. Sometimes there is a great temptation to talk about sensitive things with the wrong people. Ask Him first – His answer may prevent a great deal of trouble. Sometimes holding your tongue is the best way of letting His Word work through you.

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