April 9th – Movin’ On Up

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The best is yet to come, but by My favor. For My children, there should be no striving for position. Trust in My providence for you. Whole-heartedly follow My lead and calling, and advancement will be at My hand. Seek not the rising in stature nor wage, but seek to obey My ways and give your greatest effort to the responsibilities afforded you. Resist the way of the sluggard who does only what is forced, or less, but seek instead the way of the diligent, giving more than what is asked. Do it for the joy of blessing those you serve, for self in Godly pride of doing the task well, and to My honor as you serve Me through serving them. In this is your true advancement. Growth in My eyes exceeds all the acknowledgement of men. Reach for the level that pleases Me, and in My hand will be your growth among men.

Daniel 3:30 (ESV) – Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the province of Babylon.

Bottom Line:  We have a choice at work – strive to impress our boss, co-workers or customers, in hopes of a raise or being promoted, or we can simply strive to give our best effort to please our Lord and to truly help those we serve. If we do the latter, we won’t have to worry about advancement, it will be a natural part of our journey with Him. Seek to serve Him and them, and you will find His Word working in you.

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