April 16th – Working Together

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He who sits upon the throne can do all things. Faith in the power of your God is a great weapon and ally. Those who do not know this strength, do not call on it. Your work is given that you would excel for others, and for the path laid out before you. Your strength and foresight are limitations, but they are not Mine. Call in your faith for help with the weight of your work. Give prayer to the many things that weigh and disappoint. There should be no separation of your strength and My own. Even the small detail of your daily task, I give My eye to, and your calling to the details I do hear, for I know My children and their tasks, and I wait for the call that seldom comes. Your day of work is not to be in isolation. My hand is to be on all that you put your hand to. Call and hear. There should be no separation, that we shall walk together in your work.

1Chron 16:11 – Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!  

Bottom Line: Even when we feel isolated, there should be no separation between our work-life, or home-life, and our walk with God. We should be inviting Him into everything we do, even in the workplace, even in the things we don’t think He would want to be involved in. He wants us to walk with him continually, and realize His presence and strength are available all day long. As we walk and work with Him, that’s when His Word works in us.

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