April 21st – Limelight or Godlight?

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The humble are more powerful than the proud. Those who steal light, those who give to themselves great reward, will have little. My Spirit supports those of low esteem. Great is the eternal reward, and also the reward of the earth. I oppose the proud. I give grace and provision to the humble. Those who take glory will have no reward, for those who were in need were not fed nor cared for – forgotten in the wealth of glory given by man, other men in similar man-made light. Turn to Me in humble attire. Boast only of your salvation through Me. Gifts given are for others – the breath of life that others may flourish. Bow humbly and know the limits of man – wisdom shallow, unblinking but without sight, knowing not of the future, and blurred in remembrance of former days. Draw close that I might support, as it is those who do so who [will] find true Light.

Prv 16:18 (ESV) – Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Bottom Line:  Christians are not immune to conceit. Our gifts and talents can propel us in our careers, finding great success in the eyes of others. Let us be careful that such recognition doesn’t lead to arrogance and a sense of self-reliance. To remain humble requires effort; to give God the glory is much harder than to receive it for ourselves. Refuse to be haughty. Give credit to Him, as His Word works greatly through you.

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