May 1st – Unfair

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Each is given what has been planned. For the better end, it is this way – some much, and some little, according to My wisdom, knowing the choices of all mankind. Some deserving little, are given great. Some [deserving] great, but of humble abode will they live and reign. Above the understanding of men are My ways. Envy of another’s way is not for My disciples. I give to each as the Father wills. Contentment in great and less is the way of the Godly. It is good to work to your calling with selfishness crucified with flesh, and glory given to He who strengthens, sends and apportions. Be not one that covets, being thankful for what is given, and [thankful] for life now and eternal. The great of what is to come dwarfs now the most contented soul to gnashing. Lift your sight to My pleasure. Seek to please Me with what you have been given. Run not to win against man, but to receive the crown of righteousness, giving thanks for all days and all that you have been granted. My hand measures among each for a greater end, but also your thanksgiving and the fruit borne of the fruit in which you have been given.

Ezekiel 47:13 (ESV) – Thus says the Lord God: “This is the boundary by which you shall divide the land for inheritance among the twelve tribes of Israel. Joseph shall have two portions.”

Bottom Line: We begin life with what God gives to us, and it has not been split equally. It may seem unfair, but our Father knows the end from the beginning, even if all we see is inequity. We may see others receive undeserving promotions, when we are working hard and are passed-up by the boss. We are called to work hard, to do the best we can with our opportunities and challenges, and to be thankful for what we’ve been given. Discontentment and comparisons are not for the children of God. Yes, we work hard, with the goal to please Him, so with much or little, His Word will work His will in us.

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