May 22nd – Kingdom Companion

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There are many about you who know of My Name, but there are few who follow. Choose one, that I would show you together, My heart. Two are stronger than one, and a good friend is one who also follows the Way. At your place of labor (your workplace), the vision and labor is shared for [the benefit of] man, but outside [of your workplace], it can be of My vision purely. Pray that you would see together what can be done in My Name. I have ignited the desire for service, that both will share in its weight, and more shall be done. I have given the Church, that you would not labor alone. Seek together, and what will be revealed will not be able to be done alone. Those who labor for the Kingdom in unified step, will scatter the enemy as I go before them. Your journey in service and faith is not to be alone. Join together that My Name will be magnified, and the work of the Kingdom accomplished. The bond of those is eternal, for their work will not be forgotten.

2Cor 8:16 (ESV) – But thanks be to God, who put into the heart of Titus the same earnest care I have for you.

Bottom Line:
In the workplace, we often work together to get things done. God is calling us to work together outside of our secular work as well. Do you know someone at work that shares the same heart for ministry or service? Find out. It may lead to a friendship that will last an eternity as you serve the Lord shoulder-to-shoulder in what he reveals to you today.

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