June 22nd – This Little Light of Mine

Those of the world know little; they are confined by the finite. What is of God is eternal. Without blemish all could be, but I will it not. All life must know of death, that life would be, for death is the lack of life, as darkness the lack of light, and cold, heat. I am the life of men; My light brings all to being. The breath of life comes from He who cannot die. My creation brings forth life from life, temporal from the eternal, and then some, eternal from the temporal. My children fear no death, for those alive in My Spirit do not die, but burst forth into abundant life. My Father calls, and drawn by the Spirit you have answered and obeyed. Do not fear what the pagan fears. He who boasts of no God has the deepest pain in fear, for he knows no hope, rich with knowledge, but poor in faith, hiding in the shadow, that the light he refuses does not bare his fear. Rejoice in the light given [to] you from eternity. It is My light that is the light of men, and if I can bring life to the lifeless, then I can bring hope to your struggle. I do not leave you. Fear not for tomorrow. I AM there before you.

John 1:4-5 (ESV) – In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. 

Bottom Line: Life is full of circumstances that can cause anxiety, and death is an ultimate reality that can disturb us deeply, especially when we lose someone we love, or as we see ourselves aging. We must keep in mind the reality that our God has given us life in the beginning, and promises us life everlasting. While we are here, let’s enjoy our lives in thanksgiving of He who gave it to us. Work hard, play hard, and love completely those who He has blessed us with during this short visit on earth. We carry His light of life. Let it shine!

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