July 13th – Good Trade

In each life, all is given in trade. An hour for the wage, a year for the apprentice, a lifetime for a craftsman. Each freedom is traded for one of seemingly more value, but many are false in their appraisal, and what appears a great bargain is indeed a thief. What do you trade? For what do you trade? Some must be traded for sustenance, some for passing pleasure, some for future increase, but what will you hold in the end? I call each to My throne, those of My own, and those who refused My light. To each I will measure the fruit of their days of trade. Some will have great value for what they had been given, others will hang low their heads for the shame of their loss. Each man’s work will be tested, and great will be the reward of those who traded well. What will be your fruit? How heavy will your bushel be? You have been saved for such as these. He who knows value, shall know it by My eyes. Seek My Spirit that you would not trade poorly.

Matt 13:44 (ESV) – “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

Bottom Line: Each day, week and year we trade away our hours and attention for something else.  Work is a huge part of that traded time, and every week or two, it is converted into a paycheck. Then we trade our paycheck for a list of other things. Our time outside of work, we trade for other tasks, and maybe some recreation and relaxation as well. It is a repeating cycle for sure, but what happens at the end when the repeating stops? Will we have anything of value to the Lord? It is a question worth asking; listen for His answer.

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